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    Software Escrow
    Some one may be they don't know about Software escrow. Software Escrow (also called Technology Escrow) is a legal arrangement to deposit the source code with a trusted third party (escrow agent) to ensure maintenance of the software.

    Source code is the software's programming code represented in a particular programming language that humans can write and understand to create a program which need to protect by technology escrow.

    There are many software escrow companies offers The services to protect or handle software licenses, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and so forth. If you are searching for services to protect your property, it is wise to conduct a background check, check reviews for company status and so forth, since valuable property will fall in a software escrow agents hands, make sure that company is legit.

    When you ask a company to secure the licenses by their service, so you need to sign for agreements. So becareful with unlegal company, visit the Worldwide Net where valuable information awaits you.
    posted by Novi @ 4/02/2007  
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